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We provide software design, development and training services. Tell us your requirement and let us meet your business needs.

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The member company of Incu-App Programme, HKSTP

Future Techs International Limited aims to provide high quality software design, development, and training services to the clients. Our team was formed and started to provide web and application design and development services to our clients since 2011.

We collect the needs of the clients and provide innovative solutions.
We create ideas and make them happen.
We cooperate not only with our teammates but also the clients.

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Common Questions

Does my company need a website or mobile app?
A website or mobile app is needed if you want to:
  • promote your company
  • provide update to your customer/client
  • build an online shopping/booking system
  • accelerate your operation
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How do I improve my business with a website or mobile app?
A website or mobile app can improve operations in a number of ways, including:
  • process simplification
  • process automation
  • online processing (e.g. online shop, booking system, etc)
  • data analysis
  • report generation
  • business promotion (e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook Ad, etc)
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Should we purchase a software in the market or make our own software?
It depends on if the software in the market fits your business needs. The purchase price and the maintenance fee are also the consideration.

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Could the new website or app be integrated with our existing backend systems?
Yes. Typically, the existing system data would be read and written via the application programming interfaces (APIs). If you do not have APIs, you may consider our APIs design and development service.
How to keep my website up and run on production?
To keep your website running, web hosting is required and usually the web hosting service requires to be renewed yearly. In addition, if you need to update your website content regularly, a content management system (CMS) would be needed. We are experienced in developing CMS and provide the operation manual to our clients so that you can update the content easily.
How to keep my mobile app up and run on production?
Basically, the development program and certificates are required to be renewed regularly, we provide the renewal service to our clients. In addition, you may need to update your app content; we develop content management system (CMS) and provide operation manual to our clients so that you can update the content easily.